• January 17, 2022

Legal Requirements and Duties of Part-Time Cleaners in Singapore

Nowadays in a family, both of them should work to compensate for the expenditure that occurred in their routine life and it is being common in foreign countries like Singapore. With respect to this, most of the families are not able to maintain their homes properly. In view of this mostly they will appoint a full-time live-in maid. Some of them won’t like to keep the full-time maid for the house maintenance and others. They may prefer part time cleaner singapore to assist with their work. Appointing and keeping a trustable part time cleaner is a challenging one and it can be resolved by selecting a good company that offers a part-time cleaning service.

Instead of appointing a full-time cleaner, it is the best thing that hire a part time cleaner singapore and it is cost-effective too. Certain legal requirements should meet to be a part time cleaner Singapore.She should be a Singapore citizen, should be a permanent resident of Singapore, and should have a dependent pass. Beyond this, the agencies or the companies providing the service will take care of other legal requirements of part time cleaners. In general, foreign domestic workers are restricted in this kind of job. Part time cleaners are not dedicated to all kinds of works like full-time cleaners. Cleaning the trash, Cleaning and washing the sink also the toilets, vacuuming the floors, wiping all the appliances, etc. are some of the work that they may do. If any additional work then the customer needs to pay extra to them.