Four Types of Mobile VoIP Dialers

Four Types of Mobile VoIP Dialers

Before we get to the main topic let’s first define what a mobile dialer SIP dialer, or mobile VoIP dialer actually is. These are all different names for applications that can be installed on your smart phone. This app can be used to make VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol, calls on your smart device. It uses SIP signaling, and can be mapped onto an IP device or Soft switch. This application lets users make voice, video and instant messaging calls from their mobile phones. The main benefit of the Mobile Dialer app is that it allows you to call from one app to another. It also makes international calling much cheaper than traditional options. Let’s take a look at the four main types and uses of mobile dialers


Basic mobile dialers

This is the simplest version of a mobile VoIP phone that allows users to make low-cost long distance calls and international calls. These dialers are used by many service providers to offer high-quality calling experiences to their customers. This dialer offers a simple user interface and few advanced features. However, it still has some great features like audio calling to make calls address book integration which allows users to initiate a VoIP phone call by selecting a contact. Because they are inexpensive, basic mobile dialers are extremely popular.

Advanced Mobile Dialers

These dialers offer some added value to their users. They offer more than just VoIP calling. They also allow users to send SMS and instant messages. It is becoming a trend worldwide to communicate using texting tools. Advanced Mobile Dialers help boost this trend and provide a quicker way to communicate. Their UI is more modern and intuitive. These mobile dialers offer many features beyond Address Book Integration.

  • NAT Network address Translation Traversal
  • Call logs
  • Transfer of balance
  • IVR announcement
  • and many other

Hybrid Mobile Dialers

Hybrid VoIP dialers, also known as Calling Card Dialers or Calling Card Dialers are a combination of VoIP calling and calling card. They make it easier to use calling cards and allow people to switch between different communication channels at will. People can make prepaid calls even without an internet connection. This Hybrid Dialer switches to VoIP subscribers’ accounts to initiate the call when an internet connection becomes available. These dialers are great because users do not need to remember lengthy PIN codes or access numbers. The dialer will take care of it. The dialer will automatically insert the credentials required to initiate a call from a calling account.

UC Mobile Dialers

These UC-enabled dialers are, as the name implies, more useful and popular in work environment. An enterprise employee can download a UC-enabled dialer to their phone and connect to their corporate communications network. You can use UC features like file transfer, messaging and group chat. Mobile dialers also overcome the old VoIP limitations that allowed computers and other VoIP devices to make calls. These allow people to make VoIP calls more easily and at lower rates.

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