hyper scape aimbot
  • August 3, 2020


Better the game!

          The robot games are a favorite of the not just the kids but also the adults simple because of the fact that it is an interesting game with a lot of adventure and excitement. The game has been around for some time and many people have criticized the game as well on occasions. But the developer has added a few hyper scape hacks so as to improve the game altogether and also increase the chances of survival of the player.

If you want to know more on the ideas and other details you can click on the link given above.

What are they?

hyper scape aimbot

During the launch of these games the developer had sad that the game cannot be hacked by others. The developer has added improvements to make the player survive for a longer period of time and some of these are:

  • The slam shot hack which gives the player the opportunity to fly up in the air and makes you fall down so that the weight is put on the enemy and with the weight it kills them.
  • The wall hacks are also very important if you want to come near to the target and close in on the enemy.
  • The invisibility hack makes you disappear for a few second making the enemy confused about the location of the player.

The hyper scape hacks will be very useful for you to learn and use them when you are playing the game.